How Social Networking Helps Teaching (and Worries Some Professors) for more….

By Jeffrey R. Young

San Jose, Calif.

Professors crowded into conference rooms here this week to learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in their classrooms, though some attendees raised privacy issues related to the hypersocial technologies.

About 750 professors and administrators attended the conference on “Emerging Technologies for Online Learning,” run jointly by the Sloan Consortium, a nonprofit group to support teaching with technology, and two other educational software and resource providers.

A session on Facebook held Thursday morning attracted a standing-room-only crowd, with people packed into the room and huddled in the doorway. One benefit of the popular social network is that, unlike course-management systems such as Blackboard, students already know how to use it, said the presenter, Denise Knowles, a Web-application specialist at Los Medanos College in Pittsburg, Calif. She encouraged professors to use Facebook to send out announcements for their courses and to design assignments where students post responses using the service.  for more….


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