The New Technology Bank

How are you doing everyone? My name is Nick and I have an article and three videos for you today

This first link is to “The Worlds First Organic Microprocessor” by Clay Dillow on. This article was posted on on 02-23-2011

This Flexible Microprocessor that has the same amount of processing as a silicon chip 1977. if you think about it this isn’t very powerful but this is a step in the direction of cheaper e-paper, This might be in news stands displaying a looping front cover.

Have you ever wish that you can say “LOOK MOM NO HANDS” and feel safe enough that you wont swerve off the road. Now you can or you can like in 5-8 years this hand free system let you drive with you mind (talking about putting your mind into it). This uses an EEG Sensors cap that lets command your car to drive you places. the system is little decade between commands so you wont see it out anytime soon.
This last one is a new line is Toyota robots that can play the violin and the trumpet there’s not alot is info about this but from the 2 videos there both not wireless yet there running off of a power source and an out-side computer.

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