IMA 505 – View from home class 3.22



  1. Cristina Marques · March 23, 2011

    My favorite video was Lenovo – Water wall projection. Although the video was short and simple, its astonishing how they can create something interactive. The water respondes to your movement. It’s amazing how you can create something that interacts with movement outside of its element. Great video!

    • Christopher Castillo · March 24, 2011

      I have to say I was most impressed with the Comcast Center Opening. That is definitely the next wave in TV screens. I hear that they are working on flat screens that are going to be just the screen, but this blows that idea out of the water. Forget 72 inch TV’s or projection screens, imagine watching the Super Bowl ON YOUR WALL! I’m going to have dreams about that for years to come. This takes big screens to another level. Forget surround sound how about surround sound/picture.
      With a wall able to produce crystal clear image like that you would never have to go outside. You could literally board up your windows, place a window sized “TV Wall” in it’s place producing outdoor scenery like it did in the video, and you wouldn’t know the difference. The world could be ending outside and you would feel like your on the set for the next Corona commercial. To be honest I thought those gears where real until they disappeared.
      Art is defined as the quality, production, [or] expression,… of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. – Now, it’s hard to think of TV as art work since it’s always changing on your screen but that piece of machinery was beautiful to me, appealing, and is quite significant in the TV/ Film world as to what’s next.
      Design is the combination of details or features of a picture, building, etc.; the pattern or motif of artistic work: the design on a bracelet. So the design of this technology is ever changing depending on how the designer wants it. The “TV Wall” could be a square, rectangle, or whatever shape the designer can conceive. As we just saw in the video that particular “TV Wall” had a polygon shape using a rectangle with small squares attached to the bottom. Not a common shape, and since it plays video it’s picture features are always changing, but nonetheless is has a design.
      Will this have anything to do with my next paper? Somewhat, since my paper focuses on the transfer of information data this would fit into the entertainment aspect of it.

  2. Thomas Piazza · March 25, 2011

    My favorite video was the Comcast opening because they used multimedia and integrated it with a live performance. I think all the videos are interrelated in that leaps have been made from the point of inception with computer graphics and it’s our turn to focus on the experience by thinking of new ways to deliver information through these means, but most importantly, in an intriguing way.

    I like the Adobe wall as well… There’s something visceral about human interactivity with multimedia that allows us to suspend the confines of reality and fully engage ourselves with the content.

    With time, it’ll prove itself much more valuable to take this route in advertising more-so than pure video, but I do think there’s a delicate dance between too much interactivity or wow-factor in that model and the advertiser’s ultimate goal; for you to remember them.

    When I rationalize that thought I imagine a kid seeing a bouncing ball with the “Adobe” logo on it… if you don’t allow the kid to play with the ball, I think the kid is much more likely to remember the logo, but if you give the kid the ball and let them play with it, perhaps they’re too engaged in the action than the information…

    But that’s purely hypothetical and up for discussion 😛

  3. Amanda Brenner · March 29, 2011

    I liked the water wall video and the binary rain. I liked that you can interact with it. I think it was really cool how the people in the video were catching the numbers. I think the binary rain video was a great way to explain how “digital information is interwoven into our lives”…even children could understand it.

  4. Danielle Young · March 29, 2011

    I’d have to say that I was most impressed with the Comcast opening. The imagery was eye catching and the amount of detail was very crisp. Probably the most jarring facts came from the clip that involved the making of Shrek. I’m am probably just being biased based on the fact that I am learning Maya currently, but the amount of time, and minute details went into every aspect of the movie, and just rendering the movie is incredible. I believe that the adobe clip and the Lenovo clip displayed a relationship between art and design. The design is the creation of the motion sensitive screens that follow the actions of the person in front of it. The art comes into the project with the content they chose to display the motions. The most relevant clips for me would have to be the History of Computer Animation Pt 2 and the motion sensitive wall clips. As involved as animation is, I find it very intriguing. The constant progress being made in that field I also find amazing. The motion sensitive walls are similar to apps. Apps are helping to overtake print, and very quickly it’s becoming a skill set of designers. I could see the motion sensitive clips becoming the focus of my final paper. There are an abundance of different outlets for that topic and technology.

  5. Anthony M. Scumaci · March 29, 2011

    Even though it was a bit lengthy, I really enjoyed the discussion panel with the group from Pixar. I thought it was really interesting to hear where they started and how they ended up in their current position. It was interesting to hear them talk about technology and computer animation and how it evolved. It was also refreshing to hear them talk about how it’s the experience the viewers takes away from the film, and not so much about the fact that the movie is completely computer generated. One of the panelists mentioned that the less they mention about the movie being animated in a review, the better it is, because it’s about the film and a story. I think this helps tie into the relationship between art and design. They are designing these animated movies to tell a story that the viewer can relate to and have an emotional connect to, which tie back to the meaning of art.

    I have to say, I thought the Adobe piece was pretty lame. It didn’t really seem like there was much interactivity between the viewer and the piece other than swirl-like object that followed behind them. I think the clip with the binary code and the water was much more interactive and provided the viewer with a greater experience.

    The Comcast piece I think was by far the most visually interesting. I really thought those clock and gears in the beginning were real objects. It provided a high level of motion and rhythm and was really fascinating to watch. I cant imagine what it must have been like to be there in person and view that piece. I think in the future, a piece like this is more likely for openings and presentations. It makes for a great viewer experience and really promotes technology and what it is possible of. As an artist and a designer, I believe this video was most relevant to my career and the path I would like to see it follow.

  6. Youngbae Cho · March 29, 2011

    The most impressed video was Comcast Center Opening because it was combined with computer graphic and real things. I think that this technology give us an unique experience. In the future, the living environment will be ubiquitous displays which we can access any computing system which I want. Also, we can control each computer system that we connected. On the other hand, we will create a security system that can protect personal securities.

    Although it is a great video that use interactive technology, I missed the point of the Digital Habitat 2003

    I think that we can not distinguish between art and design. So, I think the Water Wall Projection is the most impressed video. User can create something is beautiful with interactive technology that customer can control.

    Microsoft Interactive Presentation on Cebit 2011 is the most relevant video for me because I think about the Ubiquitous Computing Environment that users can control any system with interactive method. Also, I want to create some experience for customers. It means that I would like to suggest an unique experience to customer. As a result, I will create an experience of customer is wanted.

    I would like to study about relationship between the future environment and computing system. Also, I want to how the environment interact with computing system and which technology is the most useful.

  7. xiaopang0425 · March 29, 2011

    My favorate video are “Comcast Center Opening”, “Binary Rain”, “water wall” and”Adobe Interative wall”.
    The great screen and interior space combine very well. Especially pieces of cokorful paper fall out with this video make us suprised. During spring break I came back from Disney, most impressed memory is the video presentation while waiting for the game, I love the video and audience interaction with art, make people do not feel boring.
    My last paper is about 4D TV, viewers with a combination of television, just give me inspiration, how can we make better to let people link with the television so that people feel excited by the high-tech just at home.
    I think a little bit jarring fact is too much people made too much noise maybe disturb others’ effect of view. And what has been bothering me is the radiation, will more and more high-tech equipment bring people more and more radiation?

  8. Eleni Yalamas · March 29, 2011

    I was most impressed with the Intel museum video. The introductory child interview was fascinating how he relates the experience to creating digital emotions.

    The most jarring facts that I found were in the History of Computer Animation P1 & 2 – in relation to the man power and hours required to develop first Disney animation.

    The video spot, Adobe Interactive Wall at Union Square – changing color and shapes on the screen through movement made the most direct relationship between Art and Design. On the other hand, The First Digital animation fell short of the connection between the story and animation. The Art of writing and story telling overshadowed by technical design, a strong disconnect between human emotions and subtle nuances found in real life.

    The History of the Internet displayed the most relevant content to my goals, essentially related to the evolution of human connectivity.

    I could see the China digital science and technology museum video being the premise for my last paper on the future. As much as I couldn’t stand the digitized voice over, the interactive interface setting for visitors is very engaging.

  9. qiongqiong510 · March 29, 2011

    I like the , the ,and the . I like the digital technology that it is magical and amazing. It gives people true feel.

    In the future, our interactive media art will develop from here. It looks like the video that a day made of glass. The new media art technology makes the human’s life more interesting and convenient. I favorite video is . Because it is the best combine that take the art design and commerce together. If the art design can’t during some new change to people, and haven’t transform into useful value, I think it isn’t the best technology for human. Every design’s goal is become the world better.

    I support to the interactive media art use to the human lift. My last paper maybe write the interactive media art design in the world where it develop ,how to develop, and what it can do in the future.

    I think in the future, the interactive art can do everything. Such as research the color and every color gives people’s feel, Make a interactive wall in the human’s room and help them more comfortable life. For example, some time people need nature, but they don’t have enough time to go to the outdoors, we can give them the true nature. Such as they come here and the butter will be fly. In the sunny day .We can become rainy day. Become the day to night ,and help the wakeful people. Everything if we want ,we can do it.

  10. pingju · April 10, 2012

    My favorite video was the Comcast Opening. That was so amazing. The 3D images, music and environment were perfectly be combined. Especially the part when the dancers dancing in the screen. They looked like in front of us, the screen just like a new stage. Every images were so real. That me think about what the real world will be in the future? But I believe human can use technology to share the life experience with each other in anyplace. At that time, not only the images can be delivered include the feeling, smelling or even the audience can interact with the people who in the screen.

    This video also made me see the power of the future communicate technology.

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