The history of television-yunlong(paper 1)



.the history of television
.characteristics of the television in early years
.describe the television world of today (SDTV) (HDTV) (internet Television)
.give some insight on the future 


     Before the 1927, our lives were very simple.  but after that,  everything changed.

     A man named Philo T. Farnsworth invented the Television in 1927.   The earlier designed TV basing on scanning disk was patented by Paul Nipkow. Farnsworth’s invention had been started in 1921 inspired by a boy who set out to harvest hay in rows. This scenery gave Farnsworth the inspiration of scanning a picture in horizontal lines. Farnsworth used an “anode finger”- a pencil sized tube with a small hole on the top which made copy of picture, magnetic coils sent electrons left to right in rows onto the aperture, and created an electrical current. Both designs had used a cathode-ray tube.(1)

    Designers made great endeavor to improve the design, latterly they eliminated a motor-generator therefore television system no longer has mechanical parts. With time goes on, there have been numerous innovations to push on the development of the world of television technology, and our entered the TV times.     The history of television was less than 100 years, but it has become the most important media in our social life nowadays. Today,  TV is essential for entertainment, leisure activities which greatly influences people’s life. Through the TV, we can look around the world,  understand science, and so on.

   Regardless he impact of TV on the whole human society could not be overlooked by its very short 100-years-old age. TV is one necessity for entertainment, leisure activities which accompany us through birth to death. Through the TV, we can look around the world, understand science, and so on.

      This article will discuss the history of television and characteristics of television in old days, it will also describe the television world of today, It will also give some insight on the future and developing trend.

      How the television Works

       Let’s have a look:through a complex scanning circuit as needed to provide the picture of voltage,television provides the capability of converting an image(the image is focused in a camera  a piece of special photoconductive plate )into electronic impulses,which can be sent through a wire or cable Send out electronic pulses. (2)

        Electronic pulses absorbed to the inner part of TV- will be electronically reconstituted to form images. By receiving signals, television can draw different fixed pictures per second, 25 beds speed (interlaced scanning) displayed on the screen. Because of the fast speed, single picture watched by naked eye looks connected into coherent movement. It a means of expression,as well as a vehicle for communication,and as such becomes a powerful tool for reaching other human beings. TV in this area can be divided into two categories according to their means of transmission.

        The first group for radio and television, through broad-based airwave transmission of television signals are presented to the public. Second group for non radio and television, it was used to controlled transmission technology to meet the needs of individuals or specific interest groups needs. Traditionally,Television has become the popular media. We are familiar with broadcast television, because it has existed for about thirty-seven years in our life.

       During those years, for the most part, television channels have been controlled by TV companies such as ABC, NBC, CBS. These radio and television companies have been the main provider of information and entertainment . These giants of broadcasting have actually shaped not only television but our perception of it as well. We have come to look upon the picture tube as a source of entertainment,placing our role in this dynamic medium as the passive viewer.

          Development of Television display technology

           Looking back the past, there has been a big advancement in display performance, entertainment function and appearance design, especially in the recreational function. Television has changed from simply receiving function to a multifunctional combination concering mobile phone, tablet PC and intelligent electronic devices. Besides the functional evolution, one of the amazing improvements is the revolutionary design of the look of television. Especially the ultra-thin fuselage thickness made TV has become like a work of art.  

         Limited by traditional understanding and techniques, the earlier television set was bulky. Not until many years later, relatively thin plasma display has been released. it was a new understanding in our cognition. Some reason of the technical constraints, The plasma display has not regarded to be the domestic television.

           On the other hand, compared with plasma TV, LCD TV display technology has never been able to avoid the occurrence of dynamic picture smearing, in order to improved the picture with limited dynamic display, many of manufacturers began to research and development with plasma TV, and at that time, the major media have agreed that the plasma TV will be the end product of the future television.

         Although dynamic performance is not as good as plasma TV, manufacturers have not give up to improve LCD TV. Manufacturers have also launched LED backlight technique, but almost people didn’t see much difference .

          In addition, compared with plasma TV, LED backlight technique dramatically enhances the dynamic range of an LCD display and hence extends its ability to present images with high reality. LED backlight TVs also has their own advantages that are low power consumption and no radiation.

         After years of development, today’s LCD TV paid great attention onto the product design, besides that we have seen the thickness of only 10mm Samsung D8000 intelligent 3D TV, LG is also just revealed on CES show  how to removed thickness of only 1mm without borders TV .







The influence of television 

      After the birth of the 85 generation, the greatest impact on the media, I think . is television.

      On the one hand, TV can dispelling some puzzles and pains in our real life and give us a space which we can escape from reality temporarily to thinking stand alone. Undoubtedly,  TV screen a landslide momentum of the “pan-entertainment” contributed to the negative escape attitude towards life  Most scholars hold critical against attitude about this phenomenon. As the front said, the medium of television has a double attributes, in pursuing economic benefits while also undertaken the correct cultural value and ideological orientation responsibility Social values and the audience’s interest  will affect the media program form, even the entire media environment trend. However, public taste and the media industry have an interactive relationship. The former can influence the latter`s style, the latter could enhance the former`s taste.“Because the public cannot know their interests without seeing or reading anything,so, the information media offered will certainly affect their taste .” In the present world ,the Internet and television  are the most form which youth contact most of the media . But TV has more widely coverage and higher penetration rate than network. Because the network has not been covered in some relatively backward area. And the more information lag, scarce areas, the greater influence information will cause . Therefore, TV media have the obligation to provide more multivariate, healthier programs to youth.

      On the other hand, to some degree, TV dominated the perception of our society . effected our consumption behavior , thought patterns and value orientation. These TV programs reminders us what is now popular ,what food we should eat ,what clothes we should wear. The television leads our consumption and guides our consumer behavior. It even changing our understanding quietly. Maybe you do not like this kind of clothes, but after hearing the words that it keeps telling you they are fashionable, you will have a change.

      Television has also affected our thinking mode and value orientation. The mass and the media can effect each other, the value orientation of social influence on the media, media “behavior” also affect the public adversely.Community values influence the media, th media’s “behavior” of the mass in turn. Before the earthquake of wenchuan, the most people in China have a bad thought about the 80s, they think 80s are lack of knowledge, what they care is just entertainment, they do not care the future about our country at all. Regardless of such evaluation is correct or not,  but  the 80s reflect  some characteristics which heavily influenced by the impact of the media, particularly  the  television media. Our thinking is easy to be rutted by media, thus lacking own cognition and thinking. Media tell us what is correct, then we think that is correct. if they continue doing this, I think we will become a nodding acquaintance with, never dig reason, also don’t think deeply.

      Television is now playing a very important part in our lives. In the future, What will home entertainment look like in a few years. There could be technology that changes the way we watch TV.

       I believe that TV viewing habits are changing viewers’ schedule-dominated approach. the future of television will not be about programming but instead simply content. Viewers will have more control over their schedules. It’s becoming more and more apparent that the more we stream, download and DVR, the more that technology will change our own TV experiences. Appointment TV will become a thing of the past.








  1. outsidetheboxseries · April 8, 2012


    Good report but I need more of your opinion. What do you think the future of television and Internet will be??? This is the better of the 2 papers. However in both cases I need more from you personally. This is the most fascinating commonplace discovery in 100 years IMHO. I feel that it has changed the world as has the PC.
    But yet I do not get that from this paper. You mention it once or twice but don’t actually show how it has done that. You just say it. Some facts would be good…

    See my first email.


  2. Patrick · May 3, 2012


    Better conclusion and I agree. Individual now takes control.


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