The Future Phone-Paper3 pingju


The smartphone revolution has taken users enter a new century, human behavior and lifestyle both are be changed. It is difficult to think that a decade ago, cellphones just were product we used to make phone calls. Nowadays, that is just a very small part in smartphone functions. After the first phone came out, it was getting more powerful and versatile every year. Changing trends and interests got a lot of influence over the smartphone design and features. This kind of situation is asking all the techies a question “How the future smartphone will look like?” What kind of role these future smartphone going to occupy in people’s live? Some people believe the future smartphone should be simple and small. It should be thinner to fit all the needs. And the future smartphone should be a central device in the all people’s daily routines. It should successfully be replace the computer. “People use their smartphone to connect the internet more than use computer, because they take their smartphone with them everywhere, they can quickly and easily take a photo or video, map their location or jod down a note or a thought.” Mr. Morin said from the New York Times. It should also serve as a passport, credit card and house key. Just like a personal ID. Actually, these ideas are not difficult to be produced and some of ideas were already to show off in smartphone market. Smartphones will be most powerful technology product, it will replace the camera, GPS, alarm, PDA, and credit card. The one thing I believe is that smartphone is the key to open the globalizing of the communication and education. In the future, I think smartphone will not only a product that people use, it will also become a system for the world.

The future phone system of communication

According to the phone revolution, the smartphone with a little screen will no longer to satisfy human need. Therefore I believe for the future life, every smartphone will have a projector, customers can use this feature to make they have a bigger screen or present their project, they can just use the phone to share picture with their friends or family on the wall. Moreover 3D will be one of the most prominent feature in audio visual technology for the next few years; therefore, this technology probably will come to the future phone not just for the big screen. But I think no one want to take out a pair of glasses when they just use the phone. Therefore, no-glasses 3D technology will be used at this part. The feeling and smelling function will also be created for the future phone. At that time not only the video and photo can be shared, but also the feeling and smell can be delivered. Selling experiences of the personal feeling and smell can be expected. Without the projector can offer the customer biger screen, future phone also can connect with the any flat surface, like mirror, car windshield, a glass and or desk. After the smartphone and flats surface be connected user can delivery the information to those flat surface, than the image will continue be played. User can use the voice to control it. I also believe human can use their mind to control the screen after a few years. They don’t need to bring the phone with them, they can use their mind to control the smartphone and delivery the information or  even project the screen on their hand. More bold imagination, maybe people can use their thought to control the smartphone system. At that time, we don’t need to find a flat surface to project smartphone screen, the phone system will connect with human brian. User will see the information in front of their eyes, and voice will be played close to their ears.

On the other hand, phone will cooperate with the network, and appplication will become a powerful software in human life. The WiFi and smartphone will become very cheap or even free to every customer. The companies will make the money from the applications. After customer downland them, applications can control the different technologies in their house like a multifunction remote control. Future phone will be a key to communicate with other communication devices, and record the information for their host. When the people meet, they will not have to exchange their business card  anymore. Contact information can be exchanged electronically. The information will be saved in the smartphone, categorized and located very easily as per users request. The goal of future phone is to make human life become easier and unify.

The future phone system of education

After smartphone became common in this century, every technology, human behavior and environment started to change. The education also be the part of them as e-reader and e-book become popular. Second screen devices such as iPad or smartphone already replaced the book. Moreover, online courses have been offered by countless institutions ; therefore, it can be said that distance is no longer a boundary for today’s students. Second screen will replace the classroom, different countries student and professor would meet together on digital virtual space. For the future education, I believe it will become simple and convenience. Similarly, people can play the online games and talk with their team members around the world as a way to learn new language. I think this is the same concept for the future education. One question would have different answers from different countries people, that would make knowledge become broader. For the student study would be easier than before, they don’t need to carry heavy books or even don’t need to leave their house, studying abroad not just a dream for some person. Maybe some people will doubt about this idea, online course will make student become lazy and not concentrate on the class. But if this idea combine with the virtual reality technology, the effect will be deiffernt. Thought student take their class at home, the 3D image will create a virtual real place, the student’s body image will be delivered into this virtual place. They still can communicate with their classmates or ask professeor question. This virtual reality technology will include the visual sense, feeling and smelling. The lecture will be record automatic, student can replay it anytime. In addition, student will have an electric pen, the words be writed from this pen will automatic typing in their computer. It can be changed or shared after the class. Anyone can come back to school whenever they want. On the other hand, knowledge, research and lecture will easier to find and share.

According to those idea, I trust the future phone will not only become the most powerful product but also very privacy. Though the goal for it is make the function of smartphone become easier and powerful for user, the personal privacy is still an important part especially it is the controller for human life.  Nowadays, the user can use their face to lock the phone If the phone were taken by somebody, it would lock automatically, even your family cannot use it. After fews years, I believe the face identifying system will be replaced by the fingerprint. But no one know those future functions will make our life become easier or more complicate. Let’s expect those future life.



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