The Future of Internet-yunlong(paper 3)


      The Internet is a medium that is evolving at breakneck speed. On the net, we can learn news both at home and abroad and all kinds of other information as well. We can also send messages by e-mail, make phone calls go to net school, read various kinds of books and learn foreign languages by ourselves. Besides, we can enjoy music, watch sports matches and play chess or cards. On the net, we can even do shopping, have a chat with others and make friends with them. In a word, the internet has made our life more colorful.    As a global unifying network, Internet plays an essential role in our modern daily life. With the help of Internet, we can communicate with our friends around all over the world, we can do shopping through eBay or amazon, and we can also create a website to publish our ideas freely live using the domain . After its first boom in 1993, Internet has already developed rapidly for 18 years. What will happen on it in the future?

For free :

      Today I want to share something about the future of Internet, and I hope you will like it. Before predict the future of Internet, let’s first review the history of Internet. Why Internet become so successfully in just decades of years? Although the answers may vary among different persons, I prefer to deem that the most important reason for its booming is Free. You can imagine what will happen if you have to pay money for using Google Search, or if you have to pay money for accessing Sohu. I believe the amount of users will definitely decrease a lot. Because Internet is free, more and more people begin to use it; because it is free, more and more people begin to join it; because it is free, Internet finally becomes the largest network in the world.
      However, some changes are happening on the Internet. We found that Apple users start to pay for the apps they used. In china, QQ users would like to buy virtual money Q coin to decorate their QQ space, and users begin to buy RenRen dou for playing games. All of these are absolutely incredible in the past. But it is happening now. The innovation of business model brings large benefits to IT companies. And it is right the benefits that give rise on the forces that are pulling the Internet apart.

The Future of the Internet Is Cloudy?

      More and more companies begin to build their own platfrom. The datacenters deployed around all over the world stored massive user data. The network they formed gradually becomes separate digital territory. IT companies set the rules and control or limit connections to other parts of the Internet. For example, we can make a account something to access apple’s store; Google propose their own protocol to replace the classical http; we cannot access our friends information if we are not the user of Facebook. These examples are also the reflection of China’s IT companies. Big IT companies like Tencent, Baidu and RenRen, all build their own platform, there are not only millions of active users, but also thousands of Applications running on this platform, separately.
      There are good reasons for IT companies to protect the independence of their own network, such as security, performance and so on. But in my opinion, the most important one is to protect their benefits. I believe there is no conspiracy behind the emergence of this phenomenon. After all, companies are in business to make money. But I just worried about if the future of Internet becomes a collection of separate islands, controlled by several big companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook, the world may become a unifying and boring world. At that time, we will not only say goodbye to a free Internet, but also to the free minds that generates the amazing companies like Google, Apple or Facebook.

Looking forward

      As technologies keep upgrading and new smart devices keep emerging, Internet will become a major force that changes the information world. Judging from the current situation, the Internet market still has enormous potential, its application will cover the future of the office to share information marketing, and service in a wide range of areas. In addition, the Internet e-commerce is changing the traditional activities of today’s business model, providing convenience and extensive interconnection bound to the future of all aspects of social life has affected.

      But the Internet also has its inherent shortcomings, the network no overall planning and design, network structure is not clear Extension fill fault tolerance and reliability, as well as the lack of which many of the commercial areas of application is essential. Security issue is the development of the troubled Internet users another major factor. Although many programs and agreements to ensure that Internet business transactions online reliable, but truly dominate the market and apply technologies and products is still unclear. In addition, the Internet is a network of centers. All of these issues were to some extent hindered the development of the Internet, only by resolving these issues, Internet can be better development.



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  1. Patrick · May 3, 2012


    Better late than never. The papers are good but obviously last minute. Your writing skills have progressed but need to go further. I also need this to be tapered to your thesis more but overall acceptable.
    We will be building our own platform as well.


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