IMA Thesis – DiFan

Travel USA


         There are hundreds of travel websites provide the most relevant information to tourists. Internet brings many resources on any topic, also includes travel. Many people will search the information online before they decide to travel. Considering the price、distance、and ideas of traveling from the online recommendation.

          The most kinds of travel website is for booking tickets, for example, and Student Universe. On the other hand, many travel websites are online travelogues of travel journals. They usually created by individual travelers, or companies that generally provide their information to customers for free.

             For combination of travel reviews and the booking of travel still has some space for developing this kind of travel website to customers.

            I will focus on the U.S area. My websites is a channel for booking flights tickets, hotels. Also I will give the travel information, for example, food, activity, and the recommendation about the best place of each state in the U.S.A.

Successful example

Revenue in 2008

Expedia Inc. -$2.937 billion

      (,,, and others)

 Sabre Holdings- $2.9 billion

           (Travelocity,, and others)

Sabre Holdings-$2.9 billion

          (Travelocity,, and others )

Orbitz Worldwide Inc.-$870 million

        (, CheapTickets, ebookers and others)


Marketing Plan

  • Put the good keywords which can find out easily
  • Put ads on newspaper and magazines
  • Working with other famous travel websites



How Many Trips Amecian people take in a year

  • Americans take 411 billion daily trips a year or about 1,500 trips per person
  • U.S. daily travel totals about 4 trillion miles — 14,500 miles per person


Why people Travel

  • 45 percent of daily trips are taken for shopping and errands
  • 27 percent are social and recreational, such as visiting a friend
  • 15 percent are taken for commuting



New York State

        In 2010, New York State was the most visited state by oversea travelers to the U.S for the 9th consecutive year. Also New York City includes nearly 47 million American and foreign tourists each year, it has been the number one destination city of travelers since 1983.

       The page of traveling New York state will includes the introduction of the state, 15 videos which are the most specific place to travel,travel guides the plans are recommended, activities, food, and the reason to love it.


About the State

  1. History  (general)
  2. Government (Law)
  3. Weather


a. Adirondack High Peaks

b. Niagara Falls State Park

c. Hudson Valley

d. Catskill Scenic Trail

e. Fire island National

f. Thousand Island

g. Liberty Island

h.  Central Park

i. Empire State Building

j. Broadway Theatre

k. Wall Street

l. Rockefeller Center

m. The Brooklyn Bridge

n. Lake George

o. Darien Lake


Travel Guides

  1. Statewide

  1. Regional
  2. Partner
  3. Travel Agencies



Reason to Love

  1. Art



  1. Shopping
  2. Activates on the water
  3. Architecture





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