IMA Thesis – PingJu Hsu

How do I look like?
What should I wear?
Where did you buy that?

The Goal: Make your own magazine

The Goal: Online shopping magazine


After smartphone and internet became common in this century, people love shopping online more than shopping in stores. They start to discuss or share the fashion news to their friends through social network. I believe everything will from paper to website. Even the newspaper or magazine recently they focus on develop the online newspaper and magazine. Therefore the goal of this website is make user share the image, video or a link with their friends through online magazine. Not just share those news or images, this website can help you make your own magazine. User can put the images, video and link in the different magazine’s template that support from website. The personal magazine can be shared or read on “online magazine”. User can create a group to communicate with the person who has the same aesthetic standard; moreover they can make a magazine for their group. The feedback and share function will be supported. On the other hand, this website provide a lot of different brands’ information and pictures; customer can buy the product they like directly. It is not only a website but also a new social media for fashion.

Links to my future thesis look like:




Artist Statement:

The goal of this thesis is to create an online magazine that make user design theirs magazine in an easy way. Then they can share the personal magazine through social network. This website not only provide the fashion images, video and news but also a community website that connect the people who love fashion magazine. The personal magazine can be read, common and shared from their friend. When you find someone who has the same aesthetic standard you can create a group to share the news or even public your group’s magazine. The magazine in this website will be very personalized.

This thesis project will be using wordpress dashboard and adobe programs. The images, video and news will be collected from the different brand’s website. I will design the website interface on adobe programs and re-design those elements on the wordpress. And the template for the online magazine will also be design on adobe programs. Using wordpress to create a website is easier and faster.

Design simple










Finical Project

Stage Costs




Rev gens


Total Costs



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