IMA501 Sarah Plaveck-Gualtieri Mission Statement

Mission statement

My goal is to create an online business that utilizes online technologies to reach customers as well as the wedding and event community. Through use of you tube, WordPress, an online store, email web blasts and linked in I can connect both locally and globally. My even design and paper goods business will have a local presence (the New York/New England area) but also can reach customers even in areas where I may not be able to ship to. Users will be able to purchase templates and instructions for do-it-yourself projects. The main product that my online business will sell is design.
I would like to create an interface that is clean in design and simple in functionality for users. The store will need to allow users to make a ourchase and then be able to download pdfs and videos instantly.
A main feature will also be a blog that will connect with wedding, event and design communities. Videos will need to be embedded in the blog and users will have the ability to post comments.  – this website is not visually what I would like mine to be like but this company is excellent  at online marketing – this is another company that is great with marketing and provides a lot of free content on their website – this is a website that is more community based and I like that aspect of the company and how they connect with other local small businesses – this website is beautiful in design and and easy to navigate. I would like my website to grab the attention of customers and make them want to look further.  – another beautiful and simple design although maybe a little too simple, it gives the impression that there is not a lot of content.

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