Shopping is very important part in our life, but when we face to many of products, we always have no idea how  to choices. So I’d like to built a site, your friend or net friend can recommend you books-movies-music and comments on the Message Board, show you how many people like it, after making your selection, you also can linking to the shopping site to complete your purchase.

       On this Website, people can express your thought in the hobby group, if you have any questions or problems,please come here and ask all you questions.All of the contents, classification are governed by the decisions we take, even in the home page contents also depends on your choice.

Artist Statement:

        The goal of this thesis project is to create a social network for rating entertainment globally. This will aid in communicating a standard of taste throughout the globe as it pertains to the filed of entertainment. This is important in aiding efforts to pull together the world through the digital age in the sense and purpose of enjoyment and storytelling.

To accomplish this I will use the following technologies:

         This thesis project will be using are wordpress dashboard and adobe programs.  Wordpress dashboard will help the website services that are easier to create and easier to maintain, it also provide the inspiration for the designer. Besides,Adobe programs will help the designer editing and producing includes samples for website interface elements like buttons, fonts, text, design patterns and other content. Through these technologies will be look great and visitor can felt more interested.

Flowchart and Design sample:


屏幕快照 2012-12-14 1.43.44 PM


屏幕快照 2012-12-14 1.44.36 PM



Marketing Plan

•Provide interest in social network

•(People can recommend you books-movies-music and  comments on the Message Board)

•Sharing experience

•(Every users can comment on products, sharing experiences and discuss some topic means to them.)

•Private space

(All of the contents, classification are governed by the decisions we take.)

Production budget

屏幕快照 2012-12-20 1.17.15 PM


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