Sarah Gualtieri – IMA 501 – Production statement and Flowchart

For my design business projects I will create a website with WordPress and CSS style sheets because it will be easy to create and update a stylish and functional website. I will also use you tube for videos that I will create of tutorials and product related videos. I will also use linked in to connect with other event related businesses and become integrated into the local and possibly global event design community. My main page will be a blog where I can communicate with customers, update the website frequently with new content, and embed videos.Sarah Plaveck IMA501 Flowchart


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  1. Patrick · October 15, 2012


    Please put all three posts into one. Everything is going well. Now we need to discuss technologies and teams. Who does what and the process. Flowchart needs to be put in so far you have a wireframe of the page you need a flowchart as to page count and then diverse wireframes with what will be constant. Discuss in class.

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