IMA501 – Sisi Zhu Final


As a designer, I want to know if I have a really good idea, how can I make it come true and push the utility production into market.

Since I started a program when I was still an under-graduated student, I think I can try to make it come true. But before I make the real product, I will try to make a website to show the theory and the appearance of my ideal product.

So this semester I will focus on the commercial, entertainment and fine art.

My Project

  1. Plan the theory, functions and the appearance of my ideal product
  2. Create the website to show the theory and the appearance of my ideal product. Also the website would equipped with the database to contact with and record the data of the potential customer
  3. Put some advertisement to attract customers
  4. Try to make the real product

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Data collection

Mission Statement:IMBRELLA

Mission Overview

Since the technology is moving on, more and more normal equipment have been changed to a mix functional style; That is also the thesis of my production; IMBRELLA: Not Only an Umbrella; It is a functions combined equipment; Through control the optional pages on the umbrella handle, we can listen to music, check the time and schedule, get storm alarm, search the map and weather; Those functions are very useful at the rainy day, and can release the troubles of finding and controlling mp3, phones and maps with holding the umbrella at the same time;

My project is a website, because the product is a sort of imagination, so it is necessary to explain how do the product works. This website is not only the stage to show the appearance and functions of my idea, but also a bridge of the potential customers and the designers.

What is my project?

My project is a website to show the thesis and how do my product works. Thus I will use a lot of video and human-computer interactive applications on the website. Since the html5 is not stable and I am used to writing XHTML Strict, so I will put a lot of flash on the page.

In order to extend the customers circle, it is also necessary to create some advertisement to attract their attention.

The reference website and connection with project

The main page is a flash to show the benefit of that umbrella. I plan to put the banner on the left, like ( did. The buttons in the banner is going to be flash files also, like ( did. And the banner can lead us to the video page, which can show how it works actually. Also the banner can bring us the “about us Page”, I want to make it as ( did. In functions page, I hope to make some human-computer interaction, like ( did. On the time function page, I used to try AJAX to set the time on time with the computer but AJAX does not work with flash, so I will just use flash to achieve it. Just like the ( did. Finally, the gallery page, I still want to add some applications on this page, the viewers can hand control the position of the pictures.

5 links



ER chart of database



Sisi Zhu wireframe

Design Samples

Enter page

Main page

Video page

picture gallery page

function page

Production Statement

My website is in order to show the production, I plan to get 5 pages in the front desk: main page, video page, functions page, pictures gallery page, about us page; The other pages is to show how the umbrella works, but the last page “About us” is for the viewers to register and then communicate with the administrator; The whole website source material will be created by myself, including the flash, pictures and video; The main software I will use is Adobe Flash, Photoshop, After Effects, Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL server; The former ones will be use to make the pictures and video materials, the VS is to make the website, the SQL Server is used to record the message of the consumers; And of course, there will be some pages for back desk control: the administrator pages; In those pages, I will focus on the applications, which I will mainly use the Flash, Visual Studio and SQL server;

Team and Technology

3D Maker create the umbrella and rendered out a series of animations can be used on the website.

Flash designer make the flash on the enter page and GPS map, synchronized time page etc. in the function page and the drag pictures gallery page.

Web Designer builds the web pages and connects all the other team members’ work.

Database Administrator creates and manages the consumers’ records and changeable products record and fee.

Production TimeLine

SisiZhu TimeLine

Production budget

How do my umbrella business work

How do my umbrella business work


Market Plan

market plan

market plan


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