IMA501- Szu Ying Ching (Final)

Final thesis – Brief Abstract:

Today, the highly developed economy makes China one of the largest design activity domains. Because of globalization, a designer as a cultural communicator should be able to cross different cultures and fields. An on-line cross-cultural design magazine might be the best cultural carrier that could tap into the niche, introducing Asian design to the U.S., and providing people who specialize in design with a communication channel and  a brand new perspective . Apart from the cross-cultural feature, the magazine would also focus on both design marketing and strategy, report the updated news of design events in both Asian and the West , and build a large design community on the web in whole over the world.

Mission Statement : Design an e-magazine 

*Design an e-magazine – Publish the monthly e-magazine through website, and use marketing strategy to expand the reader pool. The e-magazine can be distributed quickly and widely, then I could get the readers’ feedbacks and comments from the online questionaire. As a result, the e-magazine will gradually transform and evolve with the readers’ need and feedback.


Two Languages ( MANDARIN/ENGLISH): 

With these two languages, the e-magazine can reach a large population-16.31 billion.


Magazine will be posted on both personal website and distributed through email to potential consumers, including designers , students, teachers and the general public.



Personal website is required for an on-line brand. Allowing me to have access to the potential consumers all over the world.

The e-magazine will focus on:

  1. The main mission of this e-magazine is to cross the barrier of language and culture and, build a bridge that connects the design industries in two worlds- the west and the oriental.
  2. Extending the reader pool and gaining recognition ;  I hope e-magazine might become a brand and an icon.


Cross Culture 50%

+Design event & news – the Oriental and the West

To report the lastest news and events in two worlds, to help readers to find out the useful and vital information and save their time. By reading it, the readers would gain a broad horizon of design. The targeted readers are designers, art directors , managers, marketers, students, professors, and anyone who is interested in the design field.

+Design dictionary – the Oriental and the West

This Column is set for increasing the reader’s knowledge. The main targets are students and new designers who are eager to have a wide knowledge of design. For other industries, there are plenty technical terms in this field, and the e-magazine will introduce terms used in the Oriental and the West, modern and ancient times.

+Interview – the Oriental and the West

By interviewing designers, general managers , students, professors in the diverse fields of design from the Oriental and the West society, this column could provide readers with the first hand experiences and information about the design industry in another side of the world. It would cover industry design, graphic design, package design, product design, fashion design and so on. The targeted readers are designers, students, art directors who want to have a deep knowledge and specialize in this field.

+Brilliant works – the Oriental and the West

Introducing recognized and marvelous works to the readers. The targeted readers are designers, students, and the general public.

Design Strategy 20%

+Successful examples of Branding & Marketing

Design strategy is another feature in the e-magazine, providing readers with successful examples of Branding and Marketing, and puts emphasis on the function, methods, and customers’ requirements. The targeted readers are designers, teachers, marketers and art directors.

Sharing 10%

+Design your daily life! 

This is a column that invites readers to share their special and personal tips to design their daily life. For example, how to organize your computer’s visual desk creatively, how to take notes faster by drawing and painting. This section involves much more entertainment and relaxed contents.The targeted readers are designers, students and the general public.

Tutorial 20%

+Design Process – step by step tutorial

With the enhancement of modern technologies, people can record the design process from the beginning to the end so easily. There are many brilliant methods

to record the birth of a work, including taking pictures, recording videos and using screen capture.This column teaches design step by step with different approaches and exposese the secret design tips to the design worms. The targeted readers are students, teachers, designers and the general public.

Production Statement

  1. Website:

First, I need to create a visual identity system for this new magazine. There are at least 8 pages on the web, including main page, news, dictionary, interview, brilliant works, marketing, design every day and design process.The pictures and keywords of every page can hyperlink to other pages in order to gain further information. Also, utilizing Adobe photoshop and illustrator to create the visual design of web pages. Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash, Aftereffects, Premiere are other applications I need to combine the video, audio and graphics together, especially for the interview and the tutorial column. Javascript, HTML, CSS are programs that will be used to construct the website. Furthermore, there will be a 3D image or animation on the main page to attract people browsing the site, and as a result, 3D Maya, Strata would be used to create 3D items. Moreover, I have constructed a database to operate the magazine subscription system.


The content of this project is the most important feature that distinguishes it from other on-line design magazines. I would approach my connections in Taiwan, China and the U.S. to gain the correct and lastest information. E-mail questionnaires  Skype and Telephone interviews are needed. Social networks like MSN, QQ, Facebook are helpful tools to reach people in different countries. Also, aside from individual designers , students and teachers, I would try to contact institutions and design firms in both the west and oriental.


As oriental contents characterizes the on-line design magazine, future goals for the brand might be collaboration with large sources like design institutions, firms, media. Once the magazine gains an immense reader pool, oriental design and culture are expanded successfully in the meanwhile, so another proposal would be to open an on-line store which sells oriental design works to the westerners.

Szuying Ching-flowchart

Team and Technologies


HTML / CSS / JavaScript / Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign / Video editing softwares

Project Development Team:

Producer or project manager:

In my project, project manager has to be consciously aware of the ultimate goal of the project during the whole producing process. Also, he has to monitor and control the work of designers , Front End wed developer, and Back End Web Developer, and to assure every position of the project operates well, including budget control and customer relationship maintenance, finding appropriate channel to put the project into the market, communicating with coworkers, and so on. To conclude, project manager needs to be clearly understanding the aim of the project and the knowledge of how to achieve the gaol As a result, having a general understanding of the duty of each single person who is related to the project will be extremely essencial.


Designer has not only be adept to the software, but also has to generate creative and pragmatic ideas which can be applied to the current market or satisfying customer, because the magazine will center on cross-culture. Designer shouldn’t being confined in ivory tower, or his work will be obsolete, in the contrary, designer should get in touch with the updated events and always has a opened-mind to embrace new technology and concept. In my project, designer and Front End Web Developer will be the same person.

Back End Developer:

Back End Developer should know what function the website provides with the readers. So, he would be assigned work as to maintaining the website and to add new functions for the site. His job is more focus on technology than other jobs in the team, but he has to be in the same page with other coworker. In my project, Back End Developer’s main mission is to build the database and make sure the subscription and distribution system work successfully.

Szu Ying Ching-wirefram

Design Sample


my sample:

logo: Mr.D











Web 2








Time Line

Final Thesis – Time Line

Production Budget

Product budjet

Magazine budget





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