Abstract:  The purpose of this website aims to create a website that elementary schools all across the nation can use in schools from K-8th grade. This website will combine an interactive learning environment as well as a social networking website.

Anti-Bullying Aspects: This website will be totally transparent to parents and teachers by allowing parent and teachers to monitor students interaction with each other. The site will also alert parents and teachers if a child is catch making any threats or using  inappropriate words towards another student.

Educational Aspects: Teachers will be able to post lesson plans, post homework assignments, post grades, and notes to parents as well as interact with parents and students. Parents will be able to see their child’s progress and also monitor their interaction with other students.

Social Media Aspects: This website will also tap into the social media; students will be able to interact with their classmates with in the school. Schools will also have the ability to post school events happening within the school, from sporting event to school dances.

The Goal:  

Production Time Line:


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