Interactive Installation at children’s hospital by jason bruges studio


‘nature trail’ by jason bruges
image courtesy jason bruges studio

london-based lighting design house jason bruges studio has completed ‘nature trail’ – an interactive project designed specifically for the great
ormond street hospital, england as a means for children to brighten their journey to the operating theatre. the concept was informed viewing the
hospital walls as a natural canvas – a digital forest, with scenes depicting various ‘forest creatures’, including horses, deer, hedgehogs, birds
and frogs, to the passerby.

the work has been installed in the theatres floor within the hospital’s new morgan stanley clinical building, the first part of the mittal
children’s medical centre. ‘nature trail’ covers the corridor walls and has essentially two main elements; integrated LED panels and bespoke graphic wallpaper.
the LED panels are embedded into the wall surface at various heights in order to be accessible to the eye levels and positions of patients moving along the corridors.
across these surfaces are abstract ‘animal movements’ which are interactive animated patterns of light that reveal themselves through the trees and foliage of the forest.
the artwork consists of 70 LED panels, with a total of 72,000 LEDs.






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