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“Fashion has become “a gateway to developing and maintaining a unique identity” and can be a factor that determines how people view and define themselves. It is the thing that we deal with everyday. By the clothing that we wear we can create an identity that says something about who we are. The Fashion Industry is also a major factor in dictating society’s definition of beauty. We all see the thinner than thin models strutting the runway and the perfectly proportioned girls plaguing every magazine. What the Fashion Industry seems to scream: this world is only for the pretty people. Some designers only make small sizes of clothing, leaving some “bigger” people unable to barely even consider their product. Beauty is no longer a nice smile and great personality. Beauty has become full lips, peak physical condition, flawless skin, and a thin, proportional body. Those viewpoints will affect people’s thinking especially for the teens.
For teenagers, fashion is first and foremost a social statement. It also provides teenagers a sense of identity by signaling. But on the other hand, many teens will have a peer pressure from their friends. Because fashion for teenagers is the result of the desire to be like celebrities, they can have a huge impact on a teen’s idea about fashion and its importance. The personality can be saw by their hairstyle, there clothes, jewelry and the trends they follow.

Even fashion will change people’s viewpoint, it still can increase people’s confidence and find themselves. The Fashion Industry has impacted not only the clothes we wear and who we are on the outside, but also, who we are on the inside. Therefore the images that are post on the magazine or social media website have be take seriously and responsibly; those standpoint will become a model for us.

Before the social media hit in to fashion design industry the relationship between the brand and the consumer was more dictatorial. The shows were for editors and buyers. Buyers would place their orders and editors would gather their thoughts and four to six month later, a product would hit the floor. So the consumer was in the dark and didn’t know what the trends were until they hit the floor and even then, it was this highly curated selection. There have something change after the social media become popular. “What’s very fascinating now with social media is you have everything becoming instant,” said Uri Minkoff, CEO of Rebecca Minkoff, who is also the designer’s older brother. “The designer or the brands shows their goods, not only have editor and buyers there, but through major platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Insragram and Pinterest.” The consumer can become another layer on the editorial side; the critiques from the social media can impact the fashion industry.

Of course social media has been a great way to get the masses touch more about fashion, give talented people who don’t work at magazines or who not a superstar a voice in the industry, and allow brands to market themselves in cool and interesting ways. The Chanel’s “Hula Hoop” Bag is a good example for this; one editor took a photo when model Sigrid Agren slung a giant Chanel hula-hoop bag over her shoulder and put it onto Instagram and Twitter accounts. This post become even more “liked” and commented upon than the one on Lady Gaga getting her head tattooed. Retailers and buyers noticed the same fervor from their social-media feeds, with customers calling to place preorders for the fantasy bag. And today, in an article in Womwen’s Wear Daily, it was announced the Chanel hula-hoop bag would actually be produced, much to the surprise of, well, everyone. “Social media is not only starting to dictate trends, it also influenced the accessories that buyers purchased for spring.

On the other hand, the real sentence or thought of image will be misunderstood by self-promotion. Because of the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all incredible tools for opening up communication with customers. But sometimes it not bad thing for those brands, more people discuses more people know them. Social media is become a power influence tool to connect client and brand. Also, for some people the social media is created a suffocating pressure for them to become the next superstar. For example, last couple week’s people celebrate Fashion week, and we can saw tons of blog and Twitter followers to show the street style during this week. A lot of people spend much time on their hair or makeup, so they can look awesome like a fashion guy. This problem not only creates a suffocating pressure for people but also make client confuse what “real style”. I believe the real style for us is finding a way to make you look better, not just become a follower and lost yourself.

For the future, brands and retailers will be delving deeper into social media to reach online audiences. Digital and e-commerce launches of new products have also been a popular way for brands to keep costs low in a tough economy. Even there still have a disadvantage effect from the social media, we can’t deny using social media to promote their product still a successful way. Therefore, photos and comment what we post online should be more careful and responsible. The trend of fashion also can be change through social media industry.

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