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With the development and popularization of Internet, the Entertainment plays an increasingly important role in our online lives. Which includes the movies, music, games and books. They use the different way toward people to spread the positive and negative information. This paper will try to focus much on the negative things.

Additionally, the latest data reveal that Teens and college students are the most likely groups to use the Internet for entertainment and for communicating with friends and family. These younger generations are significantly more likely than their older counterparts to seek entertainment through online videos, online games, and virtual worlds, and they are also more likely to download music to listen to later.

In summary, the Entertainment information continues to rank highly among teens’ online pastimes. In this case, the side effects brought by it are enlarging day by day. We should attach great importance to this issue.

As technology progresses, is entertainment information becoming more useful, or dangerous to society?

In recent years, several enterprises have realized the potential of using social media to introduce their services and products. This was aided by the proliferation of social media devices. As such, people are beginning to use more products.

For example, the teenager has some kind of gaming system, like a handheld, PSP, XBOX. And of all the games they play, there are bound to be multiple M-rated games. The ever-popular Grand Theft Auto can be seen the player drink, visit strip clubs, shoot police, and murder civilians all at the touch of a button. The game producers don’t even try to keep the gore moderate. Blood is everywhere, and so are mature themes never meant for kids or even teens. Rated M is for mature, but should rather be for adults, if for anyone at all. Is this any better than the coliseum, even if it is just a game?

In addition, when they played and published the video on YouTube channel, each social media brings a strong and effective transmission of negative information.

Of course the effect of teenager is very bad, this is a typical case about the conflict of commercially and morality. Some of the teenager say that they play games that their parents would not approve of. Because they don’t wish for their teen child to have more “first-person shooter” experiences, but all of their friends have it already, and Like the video games they broadcast,in social these games slogan says have so much fun… gets a real rush. So the most important thing of social media is find healthier ways to provide Entertainment information.

on the other hand,In the age of YouTube, a website that hosts videos shot by users, teenagers are looking for their 15 megabytes of fame, They do it to show that they’re big enough, popular enough, cool enough to get away with it. I think Social media differs from TV media; Government can’t intervene the first time on Internet. When it happens online, there’s no one to filter it, all of us will watch the video of violence and drugs and sex. When they see you like it, which may make it easier for them to continue.

Often, kids don’t tell parents they’re being negative, they’re afraid their parents will overreact or yank Internet privileges, If your son or daughter tells you, stay calm. If it’s a one-time thing, try to ignore and block future contact, But if the negative information involves any physical threat, you may need to call the police.

So how do we solve those problems?Software filters aren’t a perfect solution; some negative sites can slip through, while educational or family-rated sites may be blocked. So some parents may wonder whether monitoring means they’re spying on their kids, the safety factor often wins out. If you get the monitoring software, put it on the computer and forget that it’s there, so, if someone’s viewing negative video, you’ll have the records to deal with.

There is a downside and an up side to every form of social entertainment. That is the one conclusion. Yet is social entertainment better or worse than the entertainment of the ancients? The question remains unanswered, just as beauty; the answer lies in the eyes of the beholder. Whatever the case, we should all be wise in what we do, watch, and play. We all need to recognize, and come well to terms with the merits, and dangers, of social entertainment.



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