Wally Boyko’s business experience includes 12 years in the marketing departments of Sears and Montgomery Wards prior to starting his own company in 1979. As his first endeavor, Wally created and produced the first Health, Beauty & Physical Fitness Expo in the United States. This venture in 1980 featured Don Baylor, Cathy Rigby, Dwight Stones, as well as other prominent sports figures of that time, plus an exhibition with over 350 booths. Wally made an amazing discovery at this convention. With all of the known sports personalities speaking and giving demonstrations, the attraction that drew the most spectators was bodybuilding. Wally did his homework and eight months later he produced the first Body Building Expo, an NPC sanctioned National Qualifier, which offered bodybuilding competitions for both men and women, as well as exhibits featuring equipment, supplements, clothing, etc. The Superbowl of Bodybuilding, also an NPC sanctioned National Qualifier, was added a year later. His special guests have included Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno.

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