XIANG LI — Post production of history



Sallie Gardner at a Gallop,  as one of the earliest silent films-a production experiment by the photographer Eadward Muybridge on Jun 15, 1878,  led to the development of motion picture. At first, the motion picture which consisted of 24 photographs in a fast-motion series   was shown on a zoopraxiscope. Soon after, the zoopraxiscope, along with zoetrope and the thaumatrope, were considered as the forerunner of today’s motion display technologies(including the animated GIF and video display technologies). Though the development of technologies, motion picture brought more entertainment for people, and post production also continues to improve year after year.


Hardware and software have developed rapidly. So that a longer time will be spent in the process of making post production of a film than that spent on the actual shooting of a film. Through the post production, it is possible to increase cinematic effects. Furthermore through the use of color correcting tools and the addition of music and sound, the atmosphere of the movie can be heavily influenced, and 3D technology has a great breakthrough.


3D film will occupy the leading position in the future market. With the development of post production and displayer, it will be unnecessary for people to wear 3D glasses when they watch 3D films.


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