ARART augmented reality app brings paintings to life


ARART augmented reality app brings paintings to life

ARART‘, the augmented reality application developed by japanese artists kei shiratori, takeshi mukai and younghyo bak, takes well-known paintings or drawings and translates them into real-time virtual animations. by viewing these iconic creations via the pre-configured software, the app will re-create a scene using AR, bringing the characters to life. examples of these interactive pieces include the mona lisa, or the white rabbit from alice’s adventures in wonderland. the app also has the capability to simulate spinning records such as radiohead’s ‘kid a’ CD cover art, which can be controlled by manipulating it on the iPhone touch screen display. stepping out of the rather closed circles of application developers the program is starting to circulate on digital art platforms like creative applications. though designed specifically for ATTIC in sapporo as a virtual experience exhibition, users who have the app can view the animation simulations with some of the iconic work posted below.





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