31 days of creativity with food by hong yi (red)


first image
every day for 30 days in march artist hong yi  (red) will be posting an image of a creative food artwork – day one is this watermelon boat on a sea of pips
all images courtesy the artist



malaysian artist/architect hong yi (who goes by the nickname red) will be posting an art piece on instagram made from food on a white plate
every day for 31 days in the month of march, and has sent designboom her first week of tasty creations. so far some of her pieces
include a charming watermelon boat on a sea of pips, a sushi replica of ‘the great wave’ and a soy sauce map of her home state sabah in
malaysia in an effort to raise awareness of the area’s ongoing conflict.


day 2: edvard munch’s ‘the scream’



day 3: a tiny garden with a lemon sun



day 4: hong yi comes from the malaysian state of sabah – on the north of borneo island – the third largest non-continental island in the world. she has recreated the island from soy sauce in an effort
to raise awareness of the violent battle currently taking place in the state between descendents of royal sulu and the malaysian police.


day 5: ‘sonny, if anything, just stay far far away from colonel sanders’




day 6: ‘all you need is love…’ cherry tomato balloons





day 7: hokusai’s ‘the great wave’ in sushi






day 8: ‘saw a dragon in my dragon fruit today!’


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