Thomas heatherwick on his award winning 2012 london olympic cauldron


thomas heatherwick on his award winning 2012 olympic cauldron
lighting rehearsal – starting point from which the torch bearers ignite the cauldron
image: LOCOG /  olympic opening ceremony tumblr

comprised of 204 petals representing each country competing at the 2012 london olympic games, the olympic cauldron developed by london-based designer thomas heatherwick has been honored at the year’s south bank awards, winning the highly acclaimed visual arts prize – beating the olympic velodrome and turner-prize nominated artist paul noble.



2012 london olympics cauldron – lighting rehearsal – stems which pump natural gas to the petals rising upward


he dandelion-like design, is attached to levered stems that pump natural gas to each petal. the stems gently rise from the ground upwards and converge to form ‘one great flame of unity’ – representative of the transitory togetherness that is embodied in the olympic games. 



thomas heatherwick speaking at the 2012 hong-kong business of design week



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