Eyefly: stereoscopic 3D screen protector for iPhone


first image

eyefly 3D screen protector for iPhone
image courtesy eyefly 3D

engineers at singapore’s agency for science, technology and research have pioneered nanotechnology implementation and manufacturing to fit over 500,000 lenses onto a screen protector designed for the iPhone. ‘eyefly 3D‘ works to render any stereoscopic three-dimensional content without the need for traditional 3D glasses. the profile of the nano-lenses are designed with a 1:100 height to width ratio – sending a slightly different image to your left and right eye for a popping image. the flexibility of the technology allows crisp viewing in both portrait and landscape formats.


using 500,000 nano-lenses, the screen protector works to render any stereoscopic 3D content.
image courtesy eyefly 3D

‘introducing eyefly’
video courtesy eyefly3Dofficial 3dscreen03

nano-lens detail
image courtesy a-star singapore


nano-lenses compressed on a thin plastic film
image courtesy a-star singapore


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