Alicia Sheerwood-Media Farm

Printed media has taken on many forms online giving over 2.1 billion boomers and millennials the opportunity to conveniently stay up to date with local, national and international content. Unlike the newspapers and magazines, the media sector broadly defined has become the dominant industry of the 21st century.

Where is content published today? Internet has opened up several new opportunities for accessing information on mobile tablet and desktop, Internet has also started social networking sites, which have redefined content all together. Content is King! Especially online. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and YouTube have made news to the masses all the more entertaining, interesting, and easier! Newspapers, magazines and most printed materials with the exception of a few has diminished, opening opportunities for success in digital.

644 million active websites on the Internet according to Netcraft host content specifically targeting millennial’s and boomers. With this rapid growth of Internet and content, the platform for gathering and disseminating information has become a media farm. There are no standard editorial reviews for material published on the web leaving online publishers open opportunities to share information. Results of the overload had also showed boomers and millennials are large mobile, tablet and desktop consumers and presently practice multi screening; relying on mobile devices, tablets and desktop to digest content at large.

Keeping up with content has become a challenge for most viewers and validity has become a major concern; not knowing how to differentiate reliable and unreliable content. These mishaps have created fragments in our society causing and disconnect between user and device. Most boomers unlike millennial have grown leery to whole-heartedly adopting the current means of viewing content. For comfort and security, most boomers still rely on traditional means of receiving information: via water cooler conversations, pamphlets, and television.

Mellinials on the other-hand have embraced this new way, helping them access content relevant to their everyday life.

While the current ways of sharing information is motivating and exciting, the future of content sharing will grow rapidly. The challenge for the future is how do we share a copious amount of information without having to over extend our minds. With technology and ideas constantly on the rise, new technology will continue to roll out; creating more opportunities for content to simplified in how it is shared, negating multiple devices and the hefty price tag. Screen will hopefully evolve to being within our personal space. Projected on flat surfaces or directly in the palm of our hands. The ultimate goal has always been to decrease the size of the physical item but to enhance it capabilities.


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