Full-scale formula one racing simulator


first image
full-scale formula one racing simulator

developed by british FMCG international, this full-scale formula one racing simulator has been designed to look and feel like the real thing, coming equipped with genuine pirelli F1 tires, BBS wheels and brembo racing calipers. it incorporates a carbon fibre body, including replicas of front and rear wings, side-pod mounted winglets and a rear diffuser. the cockpit uses a quick release version of a genuine F1 steering wheel with working paddle shifters and brakes.

as for the gaming experience, the simulator comes with three slim 23 inch TFT screens mounted to an adjustable frame, where a 5.1 digital surround sound system with speakers placed inside the cockpit, and sub-woofer placed right behind the driver’s seat provides realistic acoustics. the 1200W unit is powered by a custom-built high end PC featuring an intel core i7 processor, a triple head graphics card and 16GB of RAM. for 144,000 USD though, users might be better off investing in a real race car.


front 3/4 view of the formula one racing simulator


overhead view


3/4 view of the cockpit and screens


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