MAD architects: china wood sculpture museum is complete


first image

‘china wood sculpture museum’ by MAD architects, harbin, china

all images courtesy of MAD architects

in the ever-growing city of harbin, china, MAD architects has unveiled the completed ‘china wood sculpture museum.’  the 200 meter-long twisting structure is informed by the gnarled burls of wood albeit expressed architectonically with a skin of polished steel plates. an abstraction of nature is at the conceptual center of the building which serves to house local wood sculptures as well as paintings depicting the snow-laden and icy landscape. the tedium of the urban grid is ruptured with the sinuous, light-reflecting form while skylights split the surface of the architecture so as to wash the interiors with light from the low-hanging northern chinese sun. the 13,000 square foot building references the local landscape while confronting the standardized, densely populated residential complexes.


the metal-cladding reflects the surrounding light


detail of the twisting form


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