The Dome by Héctor Serrano at Coachella


Revellers at this year’s Coachella festival in California can visit a silent disco inside a dome of colour-changing balls by Spanish designer Héctor Serrano (+ slideshow).


Produced by Borealis, the installation arm of Serrano’s studio, The Dome is built from nearly 1000 inflated PVC spheres with LED lights at their centres. “They’re kind of like beach balls,” Serrano told Dezeen.


Each LED is connected to a computerised system, which relays a combination of around 50 different patterns of light and colour. The program can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, making it easy to alter the sequence.


Cables fix each of the balls around the skeletal framework of the dome.


Serrano says he originally planned to rent a much smaller structure, but ended up using a dome that Coachella already owned.Dezeen_The-Dome-at-Coachella-by-Hector-Serrano_9

“It’s four times bigger than our original proposal,” he explains. “We had to have the balls custom made in China to get them ready in time.”


The structure was installed for the two weekends of the annual music festival and will be dismantled later this month.


Héctor Serrano is based in London. Past projects by the designer includea speaker designed to look like a computer icon and a set of accessories for turning balloons into animal heads. See more design by Héctor Serrano.


Other designs we’ve featured from music festivals include tree-mounted urinals at Roskilde in Denmark and star-shaped lights from Burning Man festival in Nevada.


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