harpa concert hall wins 2013 mies van der rohe award


first imageharparek_04
‘harpa concert hall’ by henning larson architects, reykjavik, iceland
image © nic lehoux
all images courtesy of henning larson architects

the ‘harpa concert hall and conference center’ by danish practice henning larsen architects has just been announced the winner of the 2013 mies van der rohe award, one of the european union’s most prestigious honors in contemporary architecture. the project was selected from a pool of 355 structures
from 37 european countries, and from a panel of 5 finalist which included the ‘market hall in ghent’ by robbrecht en daem architecten + marie-josé van hee, the ‘superkilen urban park‘ by BIG architects, topotek1 + superflex, the ‘house for elderly people’ by aires mateus arquitectos, and the ‘metropol parasol‘ by j. mayer h. architects. congratulations go out to the teams and people involved in the realization of the project. see our previous article of the harpa concert hall and conference centre’s earlier stages of construction here as well as their final construction stages here.


in contextharparek_01

interior circulation
image © nic lehoux harparek_03

image © nic lehoux
harpa_02 harpa_03

reflections off the characteristic glass facades
left image © nic lehoux
right image courtesy of henning larson architects

harpa_05 harpa_04


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