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I believe a website should be visually appealing but extremely user friendly at the same time.  I came across a few websites, which as a viewer I thought were quite creative and interesting to browse through.

The most impressive part of these websites is the branding. The way they are marketing themselves in terms of design, concept and visual clarity.  There’s ease in navigation and the appealing color combinations makes the viewer stay.


Out of the 5 different aspects of multimedia that are





5)   ART

I would love to be a part of ‘PROMOTIONS and ENTERTAINMENT’ aspect of multimedia.

PROMOTIONS and ENTERTAINMENT always tend to go hand-in-hand. I believe that in today’s world, the Entertainment industry would give me a lot of freedom to play around with my creativity in terms of promotional concept designs. It is a vast area of business and contains a lot of scope to explore new and distinctive things. Some of the mediums for promotion in the entertainment industry are:

a)   SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS (facebook, twitter, google etc)


c)   MOBILE DEVICES/GADGETS (iphone, ipad, tablets, etc)

d)   PRINT MEDIA (Newspapers, magazines, booklets, brochures etc)

There are different types of promotional/conceptual advertising present around us these days. Some of them are:

–      ANIMATION (always successful)

–      CONCEPT-BASED (a mind-blowing message)

–      VIRAL VIDEO (Something different that keeps the viewer hooked)

–      SOCIAL MESSAGE (Touching sensitive topics to gain trust)

–      PUBLIC SURVEY, INTERVIEWS (more believable)

–       USE OF A BRAND or CELEBRITY NAME (an old and effective type of promotion that almost always works)

Mission statement (my website):


This website will tell you all that you need to know about celebrity fashion. It will be spotting the celebs on and off jobs to capture their sense of style for you to get inspired from. Not only can you know what they’re wearing but you can also SHOP for the same ensemble at this very site.

This website will answer questions like who wore what when? Whether it’s a party, a movie, television soap or an award show. We spot the celebs from all over the place to capture their look and bring it for you to BUY(at a discount if a member).

This is the only place where you can shop directly from your icon’s wardrobe.

Do you know what your favorite celeb wore to their movie premiere in LA? FIND OUT here and SHOP FOR IT.

A three-step story:

  1. 1.   SPOT
  2. 2.   SEARCH
  3. 3.   SHOP

Some of the taglines that would describe it:

->“ FIND your fashion inspiration”


->“Red-carpet garments straight to your wardrobes”

->”LOOK like your favorite STAR”

Target audience: My website would target everyone who is even minutely interested in FASHION and its upcoming trends.




wireframe fashion website



intro page1

intro page2

intro page3



websit page1a


websit page3

websit page movies

LAYOUT for the RED CARPET section




website page4


FACEBOOK: US Weekly magazine

The facebook page of UsWeekly magazine really caught my attention with its dynamic and perky posts every 2 hours keeping the followers hooked to its content all the time. It’s description read “The Latest News, Photos and Video About the Celebrities You Care About!”. Now how would one not get tempted to go through a page like that? UsWeekly’s facebook profile is undeniably making the best use of this social networking platform to increase its viewers and create a brand structure like no other magazine profile page on facebook. UsWeekly shares with its viewers not only the fresh celebrity news/fashion but also puts together stories and reveals the unknown facts. What else does a fan need? 

facebook us weekly


As obvious with most of the headlines and over-hyped buzz these days, MILEY CYRUS has joined the league of one of the most stylish and daring icons of the year. Even if sometimes in terms of her unpleasant gestures or her shocking but inspirational sense of fashion, Miley has successfully reserved a place for herself in the music industry. But at the same time we cannot deny the fact that ‘Social Media’ plays a fairly important role in all of this ‘miley fuss’ that had been created all year round. If it wasn’t for Miley’s habitual picture posting on instagram or facebook that usually leaves the viewers speechless for days, her fans or haters wouldn’t have had anything to talk about. So this one goes to Miley’s INSTAGRAM addiction that today makes her the brand that she is.

Instagram miley cyrus


As People magazine comes under one of the world’s largest selling celebrity magazines, it has also very efficiently cracked the code to using social media in its best possible way. Twitter isn’t for everyone. It is for everyone who are already established and defined as a brand looking for a medium to strengthen the followers/viewers/audience. People magazine’s twitter account aims at spotting celebrities, their fashion and not to mention, their personal life. Their tweets are the most creative ones till date giving out a 140 characters puzzler that would easily tempt the viewer to click on the link to read further. As a result, they gather more and more viewers each day.

twitter people


A channel that will bring you the latest news straight from the celebrity-town. Videos are always a good way to connect to what you love or what you’re passionate about. HOLLYWOOD.TV brings the best red carpet moments, celebrity news, interviews, gossip, and candid videos to viewers all over the world. It has 109,011 subscribers and on an average it posts one video every three days. The best thing about this channel is their video composition skills. The videos are to the point, not too lengthy, gives you the right information and always in time. That’s all what a viewer needs. 

youtube hollywood tv


Ellen is definitely not another OPRAH. She has succeeded in coming out of that typical ‘talk show’ host stereotype and has created a spot for herself in the television industry with her endless charm and overwhelming skills to interact and connect with people of all statures. Ellen Degeneres’s pinterest page impressed me to the very core. Its not just filled with celebrity pins but everything that her show portrays from food, animals, kids, holiday, funny, memorable moments. She has essentially included all the things she is fond of as a human being and that is what pinterest is all about. Pinning all the things you LOVE and keep close to your heart wherever you go. This profile helps ellen’s fans to bond with her in a better way. By knowing what she and her show is all about. Henceforth, proving PINTEREST to be a great tactic for branding. 


Where would I want my PR article to be? 

EONLINE:  Best in celebrity news

I would love to get my PR article on the ENEWS website that is one of the most popular online celebrity news website/blog. Their website looks extremely user-friendly, colorful, easy to browse through with more pictures and less text which is exactly what I would want to focus on while designing my webpage.

Some examples of articles on ‘’ similar to the ones I’ll be posting on my website are the links below:






Screen shot 2013-12-18 at 3.48.57 PM


One comment

  1. Patrick · October 23, 2013

    First of all great concept. Lends itself to huge monetization.
    However design needs to change. This is what happens in our field. Brain works funny – lends itself to tech as opposed to design and what we really need to do is merge the two as a way of thinking.
    Design is not just visual today, needs to be usability and functionality as well at all times especially in UX and UI.
    Also you need to truly embrace your market. No longer a template like quality. Your choices need to speak directly to the end user. Who are they what are their typical experiences in this space? What do they actually want from going online? How do you entice them to click through and get moving forward? Get to the checkout cart without dropping out and have a good experience doing it?
    This will also come about through the marketing aspect of this as well. Emails, tweets, FB and so on.
    So lots to do but good start also a very good start when you are capable and desire to throw it away and start anew. That is the test of a good designer and a capable one.

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