IMA501- XIngyu Long


This is a e-commerce portal of food website, based on each city. There are wealth content, fully functional and innovative ideas.It integrates portals, e-commerce, instant messaging, web2.0 and other functions.


  1. Concept of operations: Committed to urban consumer experience of communication and aggregation. Almost all of the information collected from users in the public service ; each People can freely express their comments on the merchants , everyone can share their extinction experience, while sharing a collective wisdom.
  2. Website purpose: Sharing gourmet food information.
  3. Operating mode: O2O mode, Online-offline.
  4. The superior search: through search engines, you can easily query what you want to search. Such as recipes , restaurant , excellent Coupons , wine information.
  5. Online ordering service: online ordering through this site.
  6. The most comprehensive gourmet restaurant: Provided all the restaurants’s information for the users in order to quickly know what they want to go.
  7. Gourmet recipes: Offer a gourmet cookbook platform for the users to learn to cook .
  8. Gourmet INFO: Provide a healthy diet,culture and other information for users.
  9. Supply and demand information: Merchant can post their products information through the website.
  10. Gourmet Card: Provide discounts cards for the users, you can enjoy a discount by holding the card.

Flow Chart: 


Wire Frame: 

wire frameDesign Of Homepage:


Recipes Page:


Contact Page:homepage


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