Sisi ZHU – IMA 502


Since my uncle has a factory of outsourcing clothes. And he wants to build a foreign trade corporation based on this factory. So he needs a website to show the factory at first to make the corporation convincible.

Cause his clients are basically in European and his brother factories are in China. Meanwhile, he also wants to find the potential clients in U.S.A.. Thus, I will build the website both in Chinese and English.

There are already have a lot of models seems like the website I want to build. I think it is very important to show the theme of the factory, Product, Equipment, Honors, News, and Feedback. So I will show those elements on the very front page, also put recruitment, and contact us with them. In order to show the whole factory, those elements will have each page.

I prefer Word press to show my website with a lot of rich media. And I want to make it simple at first, so I will avoid database.

Mission Statement

Mission Overview

Outsourcing is such a common phenomenon nowadays. Cheap raw material fee, cheap labors, high quality product produced in shorter time, which attracts more and more businessmen to go for this manufacture system. Just like the words in a book, “the world is flat”.

My uncle has a manufacture factory to outsourcing clothes. And a website can make his factory convincible, since some clients would always come to check the status of the company. This website will work as a showing window with a lot of rich media embedded.

What is my project?

My project is that website. It is just like a show window to make the factory convincible. So that some clients do not need to travel so far away to check the status of the factory, which shorten a lot of time and capital in the way. Furthermore, this website can help to get new clients and recruit new employees.

After that I need a business plan to learn how to get new clients in other countries such as U.S.A..

The reference website and connection with project

I choose the theme

( for my site. Because it has the drag able page, just likes ( did.

The system of my site would be like ( I will add this main duty contents.

Moreover, I think the clients slideshow like ( did is really necessary.

The main issue of this website is to make people know what we are doing and what benefit do we have, so I think simple pages work better.

And I need a business plan after that. Including make and send e-flies, make the site searchable online.

5 links


Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 7.59.30 PM


See my wireframe




Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 12.25.34 AMPitch Deck

See my presentation

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